Seasons of Change

Well, to say it has been awhile would be an understatement… I have found myself in Sydney, Australia as of 5 months this week. It has been a whirlwind of emotions having moved literally to the other side of the world from my family, closest friends, a new relationship and all that was familiar to me. I stepped out in adventure, following what I thought would be my stomping ground for years to come. What I didn’t realize was that in moving 15,000 KM away from home, God would begin to start speaking to my heart in a greater depth for the place I call home.

In this season, I have been blown away by God’s provision: lining up an amazing roommate, Emily, who I had only had a few interactions with prior to coming. Setting us up with an adorable couple from Scotland to be our flat mates who have turned into family. Lining up the finances to be here. Lining up a family to nanny for that is an 8-minute walk from home. He has done more than I could have imagined.

I love that God loves adventure. He loves hearing our hearts desires and running alongside us, encouraging us, pushing us, and drawing us closer to Him. I love seeking His heart and His Kingdom. Each season has looked different in how it plays out. Some seasons it is easy to chase after Him and some seasons it’s a daunting ‘task.’ Some seasons are full of joy and laughter and some seasons are filled with tears and frustration – BUT – the outcome is always the same – to draw closer to Him and into a deeper knowledge and closeness to Him.

This season has been challenging and full of tears. A season where I don’t understand its purpose or His plans in all of it and coming to the realization that it is okay that I don’t fully grasp it.

I have been holding off on this post as I wasn’t sure I would be able to find the words to fully articulate my heart. Unsure of what to share or how to elaborately explain.

These past few months have made me question a lot, question who I am as my identity has been shaken to the core. I don’t have all the answers to my why’s and I don’t think I’ll find them anytime soon.

But, what I do know is that it is time to close this season in Sydney, Australia with a graceful bow.

To embrace what this season has been and what will come from it – because I know that even in me returning home, He will still use this season to instill more of Him IN me.

This song has been my hearts cry the past few weeks:

Pull me in closer, close to Your heart

May I be a pure reflection of all You are

Love that is patient, love that is kind

And love that keeps no offences or wrongs in my mind

Make me like Jesus

I know this season hasn’t worked out as I had hoped, envisioned or prayed for, yet, He is using it to make me more like Him. To draw me in closer to Him. And in the end, if bringing me 15,000 KM for me to walk away looking a bit more like Him, then to me, that is enough.

He is more than enough for me.

I will be making my way home in the new year and reestablishing and rooting myself in Hamilton.

I will be closing my time with Iris Ministries Canada ‘officially,’ but Iris will always be family. If you are interested in helping financially towards my flight home and getting reestablished they will receive donations up until January 20th, 2018 []

I am not too sure what the new year will entail, but I am thankful for a God who knows and is already aligning my next steps. I am trusting that He’s got this. I am beyond thankful to each and everyone one of you who have walked this journey with me. Who prayed with and for me. Those who have listened to my hearts cry and encouraged me to continue moving forward. To those who invested into me financially which in doing so allowed me to be in here. I am believing that the seeds planted in this season will produce good fruit. I am believing that even in the frustrations of this season, there is purpose. I am believing that as I return home, what has been started here in Sydney will continue to grow.


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