Forward Motion

On New Year’s Eve: I packed my car, filled my tank, grabbed a coffee, set my GPS, United Pursuit’s new B-sides on and headed out on a 9-hour trek by myself to visit my brother in Illinois. I had made it out the door in good timing and got cozy for the long trip ahead.


It had snowed the night before but the roads weren’t that bad. Just as I got settled in and cruising… 3 lovely salt trucks. From 118 KM to 40 KM an hour – I was only at Woodstock, 45 minutes into my drive… that is a long stretch of highway to get stuck behind salt trucks!


I laughed… Seriously God!

I had just started to cry out to him about Australia and the timeline and not feeling that sense of peace about moving forward and then BAM salt trucks.

I felt the impression that he had something to teach me in this moment – through the salt trucks!

What is the purpose of salt trucks? [For my California family where the sun is always shinning] If you have been stuck behind one, you know – they can be a pain in the butt when you have somewhere to be – there aren’t any opportunities to by pass them – and it really isn’t SAFE to do so.

Salt Trucks are out on the roads for our SAFETY.

As per the MTO website: Spreading of salt begins within 30 minutes after the start of a winter storm, helping to melt snow and ice, preventing it from sticking to the highway. It also makes plowing more effective.

Sand is used to provide traction on slippery surfaces, especially when it is too cold for salt to be effective.

Maintenance crews continually monitor weather and highway conditions. They patrol the highways and use advanced systems for predicting and monitoring weather and highway conditions so they can prepare the right equipment and materials before a storm, adjust their activities as conditions change.

What I find to be the neat part is that the maintenance crews are CONTINUALLY monitoring weather and highway conditions. They are predicting and monitoring the conditions to help them PREPARE for what is needed. HA! Just like God ‘monitors’ the path we are on. He is PREPARING us for the journey ahead. The salt truck has a purpose – to help provide support and TRACTION on the slippery surfaces to avoid collisions!

Also, the salt makes plowing MORE EFFECTIVE! The delay we sense when the trucks are scattering the salt actually makes the work later on more EFFECTIVE! I believe this is the same with Australia – the delays are aligning everything so that when it is time to ‘plow’ through – it will be done effectively!

I know God has been in all the planning, delays and preparation for Australia. Through the salt trucks I believe He was showing me that even though my eyes have been on the destination – He sees the bigger pictures – He has been monitoring all the factors that I may not see – just as the maintenance crew does.

I am thankful that He is in the details that I may not see!

Not long after my salt truck encounter, I felt that it was time to start taking some bigger steps towards my move – It was a good time to move ahead with the paperwork to become an official missionary with Iris Ministries and to start organizing my belongings and selling off what I no longer needed – building my ‘ark’ so to speak.

SO! What exactly will I be doing?!

I am going to Sydney, Australia to be part of a church & mission base planting team with Iris Global ( and Everyday Church ( This has been in the works for almost 2 years and I am excited that God is starting to move things forward!



As of last week, I am now an official “Iris Missionary” and backed by Iris Ministries Canada:

Who is Iris/Everyday?

“God has called together an amazing, growing tribe of people who are deeply committed to loving Jesus and to increasing His kingdom on earth in our generation. They call this tribe “Everyday,” because at the end of the day, it’s really about lifestyles of love. We believe the world is changed as we walk in God’s love and then give it away – to our cities, to our nation, and to the nations of the earth. 

Our PURPOSE: FAMILY: to model kingdom family & reproduce it throughout the earth.

Our MISSION: TRANSFORMATION: it is personal, regional, & global transformation through God’s manifest Presence.

Our VISION: INCLUSIVITY: To see the rich and the poor, serving one another in the community, as family.

Our VALUES: LOVE: a love that is expressed upward, inward, and outward.

Our GOAL: DISCIPLES – to reproduce lovers of Jesus who are Biblical, supernatural, relational & missional.”

What does this all look like practically?

It looks like living in community and doing life with each other. Our community of like-hearted people is aiming to look like: a multi-site church, a local and international base and a multi-faceted regional training centre. It looks like connecting with already established organizations in Sydney and partnering with them whether it be for feeding programs, assisting those in need, volunteering in different capacities and building long lasting relationships. It looks like hosting short terms missions teams locally and sending out internationally. It is multifaceted and I am excited to see how God develops it all. In the long term – I picture purchasing an old brothel in King’s Cross and turning it into a “Safe Haven” – a coffee shop, a place to rest, a safe place – a place to connect with people in a different atmosphere than a church building.

I am beyond excited about the journey, opportunity and experiences that lie ahead. BUT – This adventure needs a team of people! I need you! This cannot be done on my own – it takes a TEAM of people in a few different capacities!


Would you consider joining my team in one or more of the following ways:

Prayer Team 

Prayer is crucial. Heidi Baker, founder of Iris Ministries writes, “If your dreams are from God, they will always need intercession. Praying people, like midwives, help birth the miraculous promises in your life. They will make the obstacles before you more bearable.” Join my prayer team and commit to praying for myself, the team and the community regularly.

  • Preparing my heart: For everything God has in store
  • Financial Provision: As I step out in faith, I am believing that God will provide a monthly financial team to invest in my/our work
  • Transition: Quickly adjusting to change
  • Pray for Sydney and the community we will be impacting & loving on


Financial Support Team

As you can imagine, a journey like this requires finances to help cover living expenses, travel and ministry expenses. This is not a paid position. I believe that this is a great opportunity for people to partner with the greater cause, the bigger vision!

Consider joining my month financial support team and commit to sponsoring me $25, $50, $150 or whatever amount God puts on your heart. There are a variety of ways to support financially – please read the options and choose which is best for you!



Iris Ministries Canada (IMC) is a registered Canadian Charity

You can support financially by:

  • By cheque payable to Iris Ministries Canada: 10-1425 Abbeywood Drive, Oakville, ON L6M 3R3. Please attach a post it note saying “Krista Noack” and leave the memo line blank
  • Pre-Authorized Payments: A program for direct withdrawal of funds from Cdn. Bank accounts is available for those who desire to support IMC on a monthly basis.
  • Credit Card: IMC is able to receive donations by credit card, on a one time or regular monthly withdrawal basis. This service is provided by which is a secure site for receiving credit card donations. Please go to

AMERICAN FRIENDS & FAMILY [no tax receipt]

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Stay posted and up to date with what is going on in Sydney! I PROMISE to update more regularly!

So, there you have it! A brief insight of what is to come for my adventures in Australia. I’m hoping as time goes on I will continue to post more to keep you updated and informed. Please, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to email me!

Thank you for your continued love, support and prayers !!

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